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Advanced 4-in-1 Drill and Saw Set


Advanced 4-in-1 Drill and Saw Set

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Continuously adjustable speed

0 – 1,200 rpm

Weight with battery

940 g

Operating voltage

7.4 VDC

Battery capacity

2.0 Ah

Battery type

Llithium Battery

Empty battery charging time

max. 180 min

Degree of protection against electrical shock


Degree of protection against the penetration of water


Noise level in operating position (with chuck)

ca. 75 dB(A)













*Technical data is subject to tolerances. Specifications are approximate and may vary from one device to another or as a result of power supply fluctuations.
*For the details of instruction for use of 3-in-1 Drill and Saw Set, please ask it from our salespeople.

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4-in-1 Battery Drill and Saw System (Advanced), Complete set


4-in-1 Battery Drill and Saw System (Advanced), Complete set with one Sterilization Container

    Weight4.5 kg
    Dimensions42 × 32 × 15 cm
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