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3.5 mm Supracondylar Plate

3.5 mm Supracondylar Plate

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According to clinical statistics, The incidence of femoral fractures account for 24% of all fractures in dogs and cats. Fractures of the distal femur have been found to constitute 18.2 to 25.7 per cent of all femoral fractures. Fracture repair in the Supracondylar femur region can be challenging, particularly in medium to large dogs. As there are often multiple small fragments in the supracondylar area in medium and large dogs. The forces acting on the distal femur are complex requiring a special plate to neutralise them. Supracondylar plate solves the problem of poor fixation of the medial condylar fracture of the distal femur compared with the existing plate, which provides effective and solid fixation of the fracture in the medial part of the distal femur, promotes the healing of the medial fracture. It has excellent value for promotion and use in the industry.

Indications: supracondylar femur fractures, distal femur fractures, comminuted fractures

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3.5 mm Supracondylar Plate

4 holes at head part, 9 holes at shaft part, Left

Width 10.0mm, Thickness 3.0mm


3.5 mm Supracondylar Plate

4 holes at head part, 9 holes at shaft part, Right

Width 10.0mm, Thickness 3.0mm

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