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ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

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Advantages of ALPS Plates

Advanced Locking Plate Systems plates, short for ALPS plates, are used for bone plating of all kinds. Available in various sizes, including a “mini” for toy breeds. The plates are made of grade 4 titanium and the screws are made of a titanium aluminum‐vanadium alloy (Ti‐6A1–4 V). Four size‐systems, named based in the width of the plates, are available. Each system has two different sizes of plates fitting the same‐size screws: mini (3.5/4 mm), small (5/6.5 mm), medium (8/9 mm), and large (10/11 mm).

Thanks to titanium material, these plates have extensive contouring. The biological principles of ALPS technology are to accelerate healing through minimal contact between plate and bone, and use of monocortical locking screws prevents unnecessary damage to healthy bone and preserves vascular supply. Additionally titanium alloy has superior biocompatibility and strength.

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1.6 mm ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

26 holes-5.0mm hole spacing

Width 4.2mm, Thickness 1.5mm, Total Length 130mm


1.6 mm ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

30 holes-4.5mm hole spacing

Width 3.5mm, Thickness 1.2mm, Total Length 135mm


2.4 mm ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

34 holes-7.0mm hole spacing

Width 6.5mm, Thickness 2.0mm, Total Length 237mm


2.4 mm ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

43 holes-5.5mm hole spacing

Width 5.0mm, Thickness 1.8mm, Total Length 237mm


3.2 mm ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

26 holes-9.0mm hole spacing

Width 7.5mm, Thickness 2.5mm, Total Length 235mm


3.2 mm ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

22 holes-10.0mm hole spacing

Width 8.5mm, Thickness 3.0mm, Total Length 220mm


4.0mm ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

18 holes-13.0mm hole spacing

Width 11.5mm, Thickness 4.0mm, Total Length 235mm


4.0mm ALPS Cuttable Locking Plate

120 holes-12.0mm hole spacing

Width 10.0mm, Thickness 3.5mm, Total Length 240mm

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