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Acetabular Plate

Acetabular Plate

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Acetabular plate provides a rapid solution for repairing acetabular fractures in small animals. Pre-contoured plate designed to fit the dorsal acetabular surface, which helps facilitate accurate reduction of acetabular fractures. The rounded plate end design reduces the potential of soft tissue irritation. Cortical screws can be placed at variable angles via round holes to avoid interference with other screws and penetrating the hip joint. The 1.5 and 2.0 mm plates are designed with 4 holes to allow enough purchase on both side of the fracture. There is plenty of room on the middle of the small plate to cover the fracture line without a screw hole.

Indications: pelvic fracture repair: iliac fractures, acetabular fractures, pelvic rim fractures

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1.5 mm Acetabular Plate

holes 2+2

Width 4.1mm, Thickness 1.2mm, Total Length 19.3mm


2.0 mm Acetabular Plate

holes 2+2

Width 5.0mm, Thickness 1.2mm, Total Length 26.7mm


2.4 mm Acetabular Plate

holes 3+3

Width 6.5mm, Thickness 1.5mm, Total Length 33.3mm


2.7 mm Acetabular Plate

holes 3+3

Width 7.0mm, Thickness 2.0mm, Total Length 40.0mm


3.5 mm Acetabular Plate

holes 3+3

Width 8.1mm, Thickness 1.5mm, Total Length 48.0mm

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