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Bones, Plates, and Screws – How do Veterinarians Repair Broken Bones?

Over time, veterinary care has seen significant advancements. Many conditions that were once difficult to treat can now receive routine treatment, including orthopedic surgeries. Nonetheless, orthopedics is still considered a specialized field in veterinary medicine, and many pet owners are not fully informed about its intricacies. Thus, let’s delve deeper into veterinary orthopedics for clearer …

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Selection of Internal Fixation Techniques

Dogs and cats frequently experience fractures, and below are some common internal fixation methods: Choice of Technique Internal fixation versus external coaptation Compared to external coaptation, the function of long bone fractures recovers faster with internal fixation and it can maintain joint activity. Internal fixation is necessary for the following fractures: 50/50 rule The 50/50 …

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TPLO VS. TTA: Which Technique is Best?

Cranial cruciate ligament disease (CrCLD) is a leading cause of lameness in the dog. Surgical treatment is advised for most dogs with CrCLD. A wide array of surgical techniques has been described for CrCLD dogs. They can be divided into static-constraint or dynamic-constraint (geometry-altering) methods. Two of the most commonly performed geometry-altering techniques are tibial …

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Basic principles of plating

1. Introduction Plating modalities Plates may be applied in various modes according to the function required. These include: Plate designs Numerous plate designs are accessible, tailored to different anatomical locations and the specific loads they will encounter. These plates may vary in size, thickness, and locking or non-locking screw configurations, depending on the application. Additionally, …

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